Thanks to All of You

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We want to sincerely thank each and everyone of you for your support; it meant so much to our community, our alumni, to historians and our committee, as we tried to bring awareness to our cultured and historic Roosevelt High School R Building and Auditorium in Boyle Heights.

Though many of you may have thought to be silent, your signatures spoke volumes, and we applaud you.

By the time we received notices from LAUSD, we had already been trailing behind. Then, to learn LAUSD did not disclose the demolition of the R Building and Auditorium as part of their Proposed Modernization Project; this is when we began our challenge.

As we moved forward, we discovered LAUSD had an Alternative 2; Modernization and Historic Preservation, which could have been a win-win celebration for everyone. We learned LAUSD and other community groups did not support the preservation and our culture and history in the community that they serve. Therefore, they supported the demolition stating that modernization is better for education, not realizing Historic Preservation IS education…we did not give up!

The Committee To Defend Roosevelt attended every meeting since November 2017, and created a petition with over 900 signatures and many letters of support: Latino / a Heritage Conservation, Assemblywomen Wendy Carrillo/Alumni, Councilman Gil Cedillo/RHS Alumni, Los Angeles Conservancy, Coalition to Preserve LA in hopes of saving the R Building and Auditorium, and hand delivered them to LAUSD.

We learned there were many CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) violations, we retained a CEQA Attorney, and began the filing of a lawsuit against LAUSD. This effort still did not stop the demolition.

And so, here we are today, negotiating a settlement agreement (which we aren’t able to disclose many of the details at this time), but what we can share are:

  • We may be building a Community/Social Justice Center at Roosevelt’s South/West corner of the campus (6th/Mathew), depending on how the results of our negotiations.

  • We hope that we will be able to repurpose many of the artifacts from the R Building and Auditorium into our Community Center.

  • With the help of alumni, friends, neighbors, community activist, Assemblywomen Wendy Carrillo and Councilman Gil Cedillo District 1, many non-profits and community groups, we will have a fundraising campaign in order to build the Community Center/Social Justice Center for our community of Boyle Heights.

  • Our Community Center will not in any way be related to the Roosevelt High School/LAUSD curriculum, as best as we can see, again, depending on the results of our Settlement Agreement, but will hold classes, art openings, community and fundraising events, lectures on a wide variety of subjects, which will be open for everyone to attend.

  • We look forward to collaborating with many of you, groups, and organization, to support our efforts in hosting many community events.

We will be sending you a bulletin to keep you informed and a Press Release once our settlement agreement is signed.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for your support.

Committee to Defend Roosevelt

Rough Riders for Life!